[CentOS-devel] What should I do in my cluster? CentOS streams dilemma.

Sat Dec 26 15:50:07 UTC 2020
Jean-Marc Liger <jean-marc.liger at parisdescartes.fr>

Le 26/12/2020 à 13:08, Ljubomir Ljubojevic a écrit :

> On 12/26/20 1:15 AM, Mike McGrath wrote:
>> If you truly wanted to keep that firewall in place.  You, or someone,
>> should have complained two years ago when the CentOS infrastructure team
>> formally joined the RHEL team as "CPE".  There were no objections to
>> that and it was largely seen as a positive move by everyone I've talked
>> to.  If that was something so important to you, I think it's on you to
>> pay attention and raise those concerns when they were happening.
> Even before CentOS was bought by Red Hat, I have seen people who wanted
> to join building efforts (mostly?) turned away. CentOS devs were and
> stayed exclusive club doing magic behind armored doors. Various reasons
> were given, keeping security high, preventing other cloning projects
> from getting better, etc. I did not care enough to speak up, especially
> since it would not have maid difference.
> That is the reason CloudLinux promised foundation that will keep
> complete procedure and ALL tools to clone RHEL accessible, anyone will
> be able to recreate their effort (good luck with that unintended result
> you created, your shot foot must start to hurt *big time*)
> Then CentOS Board decided to sell CentOS to Red Hat, same as now there
> was no discussion, no debate, community was not asked at all. Since it
> was said CentOS Linux will not be killed, and people working hard got
> their financial reward, I accepted they did not ask anyone and moved on.
> And accepted that any wish, complaint or demand of the community that
> was not in the interest of CentOS Board would be simply dismissed, so
> why bother raising any when I still got what interested me, free RHEL clone?
> I believe that same sentiment was on minds of majority of CentOS users,
> as long as it serves our interests we would allow them to do what ever
> they want. I never heard of Springdale and I did not like Oracle as a
> company, so CentOS was the only free RHEL clone in my mind.
> So if you are truly asking why no one objected to what CentOS Board
> decided without asking anyone in the community, it was pointlessness of
> the effort.
> This time around my interest WAS violated, but considering the futility
> of the opposition, I will just find me another RHEL clone to use. I am
> staying in CentOS community for another 4 years because I have several
> CentOS 7 servers, and I might even install 1 more in next few days, to
> replace mail CentOS 6 server. 4 years will be enough for it.
> The only reason I am replying on CentOS mailing lists is to keep you Red
> Hat employees from claiming victory and making unfounded conclussions
> since all opposition decided ti is pointless in arguing with you, you
> will not prolong "CentOS Linux 8" life to 2029. I can be stubborn in
> that regard when someone tries to play me for a fool (like with
> "outdated document/promise" crap).

I totally agree with all is written above and thought as I read Mike's 
affirmations, I couldn't say it better.

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