[CentOS-devel] CentOS Stream panel discussion at the FOSDEM Dojo

Rich Bowen

rbowen at redhat.com
Tue Jan 7 17:00:54 UTC 2020

With the lovely conversation going about what we want to 
change/refresh/burn down in 2020, I want to be sure that you're aware of 
the CentOS Stream panel discussion which will be the first session at 
the upcoming Dojo in Brussels.

If you're not already aware, the Dojo will happen on Friday, December 
31st - the day before FOSDEM - and will be held at the Marriott Grand 
Place. Registration is free, but we ask you to sign up, so that we can 
plan for catering. Details are at 

The CentOS Stream panel will include people from the board, from Red Hat 
engineering, and from the community, who will discuss what is happening 
in CentOS Stream, hear your feedback, and help shape what the future of 
the project looks like.

So, please join us, share your thoughts, and learn what is planned, and 
what our target dates are for various deliverables.

See you in Brussels!

Rich Bowen - rbowen at redhat.com
@CentOSProject // @rbowen
859 351 9166

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