[CentOS-devel] How CentOS 7 Vagrant images are built

Fri May 15 05:22:49 UTC 2020
Nicolas Quiniou-Briand <nqb at azyx.fr>

Hello Antal,

On 14/05/2020 21:35, Antal Nemeš wrote:
> FWIW I have used Packer's qemu builder to build Centos 7 and 8 images that I used in both KVM and VMware/vSphere.
> I haven't used HyperV, but the difference is only in the drivers to include in the initramfs and potentially any guest tools to preinstall.
> I use qemu-img to convert the formats and produce associated files (e.g. ovf) for the target hypervisor, all done from a wrapper script around the packer job.
> I would gladly share the recipes.

Thanks for you answer, I will happy to read your recipes if you can 
share them.
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