[CentOS-devel] EPEL Playground - Policy and Plans

Troy Dawson

tdawson at redhat.com
Mon Sep 21 22:35:47 UTC 2020

EPEL playground (currently only for epel8) has recently changed it's
overall policy.  That new policy can be found here.

The biggest policy change is that epel-playground is not meant to be a
stand-alone repository.  If you use epel-playground, you are expected to
have the regular epel repository enabled.

Going along with that stand-alone change is the change that we will no
longer be auto-building all epel builds in playground.  This means that all
instances of package.cfg will be removed, new epel branches will not have
package.cfg in them, and requesting an epel branch will not automatically
request a epel-playground branch.

We will also be cleaning up (untagging) all automatically built, or old,
playground packages.

Not everything is happening at once.

* Thursday September 24 - All package.cfg files will be removed from all
epel8 dist-git branches.  If you want to remove yours before then, that is
* Thursday October 1 - All automatically built, or old playground packages
will be untagged from epel-playground.
* Done (but not verified) - New epel8 branches should not have package.cfg
in them.
* Sometime Soon - fedpkg will be updated to not automatically request a
epel-playground branch each time an epel branch is requested.

We appreciate all the input we've gotten from everyone.
Please pass this information on wherever you feel it is needed.

Troy Dawson
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