[CentOS-devel] CentOS Stream Feature Request SIG Proposal

Tue Apr 13 17:45:00 UTC 2021
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

On 4/9/21 3:07 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> The bikeshedding part
> is: I wonder if "SIG" is the right name / structure for this group? SIGs
> generally are focused on more specific areas, right, and this is more broad.
> So, where I'm going with this is... "CentOS Stream Feature Steering
> Committee"?

We only have one name for things in CentOS, and it is SIG. It might or 
might not be the "right" name, but it's the one that we have. The Promo 
SIG (such as it is) is certainly not the same species as the Storage 
SIG, but I, for one, don't relish the notion of determining what is a 
SIG, a committee, a working group, or a knitting circle.

Yes, naming things is hard.