[CentOS-devel] freetype package missed in repo

Fri Aug 6 13:29:52 UTC 2021
Troy Dawson <tdawson at redhat.com>

On Thu, Aug 5, 2021 at 3:54 PM Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at gmail.com> wrote:

> Because this kind of unwelcome stunt is brand new as best I can tell,
> never pulled in 25 years as far as I can find.

I understand the feeling, but let's take a deep breath.

RHEL hasn't been around for 25 years, so you know you are exaggerating.

And yes, it has happened before, at least for Scientific Linux.
I definitely remember RHEL pushing some srpm's to their ftp area (back when
they released srpm's), and then removing those srpm's.
We (Scientific Linux) automatically pulled down those srpm's, built them,
and pushed them out.
We (Scientific Linux) were contacted once by Red Hat, another time by our
own users, letting us know that we'd released a package not in RHEL, and we
removed it from our repos.
What happened?
Real people, and a real world happened.
Something happened in RHEL's workflow that was allowing srpms to be
pushed.  This workflow was eventually fixed.
We (Scientific Linux) were not properly testing our packages before pushing
them out.  This workflow was eventually fixed.

Again, deep breath.
Please remember this (CentOS Stream) is a new workflow.
There are real people, and a real world, behind it.
There will be hickups and problems in that workflow.
We (Red Hat) need feedback, so we know about those problems.  We appreciate
Once we (Red Hat) know, and understand the scope of the problem, it's time
to figure out how to solve that problem.
We (Red Hat) also appreciate input on how to solve the problem.

We (Red Hat) appreciate feedback, both on the problems, and the solutions.
It's much easier for that feedback to be digested (understood and
empathised) when things aren't exaggerated.
It is also very useful when we find out "why" people are doing things.
Using this example, it's helpful to know "why" they are trying to reinstall
Is this a security audit that requires every package to be reinstalled?
Is this part of someone's QA that requires every package to be reinstalled?
Did you accidentally remove a file and need to re-install the package.
Knowing the "why" helps us (Red Hat) understand the priority and scope.

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