[CentOS-devel] freetype package missed in repo

Fri Aug 6 23:26:43 UTC 2021
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

On 06.08.21 15:29, Troy Dawson wrote:
> It is also very useful when we find out "why" people are doing things.
> Using this example, it's helpful to know "why" they are trying to 
> reinstall freetype.
> Is this a security audit that requires every package to be reinstalled?
> Is this part of someone's QA that requires every package to be reinstalled?
> Did you accidentally remove a file and need to re-install the package.
> Knowing the "why" helps us (Red Hat) understand the priority and scope.

Its a QA process that identified that a package would be downgraded,
if distro-sync would be done. Downgrades are classified as security
issue, therefore a manually interaction was done. The reinstall activity
was done by an operator to verify that the current installed pkg is
really not in the repos anymore ...

So IMHO, for the sake of "high level" processes out there. Leaving the 
already published rpm in the repos would hurt less then removing it.

$ rpm -q --qf '%{SIZE}\n' freetype