[CentOS-devel] CentOS IRC channels moving to irc.libera.chat

Wed May 19 17:16:32 UTC 2021
Trevor Hemsley <trevor.hemsley at ntlworld.com>

On 19/05/2021 18:09, Josh Boyer wrote:
> Can you elaborate a bit on the choice of libera.chat?  What made it
> appealing to move to?  Why is it more trustworthy than freenode or
> oftc?

In case you hadn't followed the drama, freenode was subject to what 
appears to be a hostile takeover by a large company which some/many 
people distrust. I think that's probably the safest way to phrase it.

Almost all members of staff on freenode that made the place run have 
quit and it is they who have set up libera.chat and are running it. So 
other than a domain name change, libera.chat _is_ freenode by another 
name. The servers that freenode used and ran were all on donated 
"hardware" and libera is most likely following a similar model.

Effectively libera is freenode minus the company that staged the takeover.