[CentOS-devel] De-branding in CentOS Stream 9

Tue Nov 23 12:24:52 UTC 2021
Alex Iribarren <alex.m.lists3 at gmail.com>

Hi all,

While trying to run the CentOS functional tests on CS9[*], I noticed 
that several fail because of branding issues. For example, 
p_httpd/httpd_centos_brand_server_tokens.sh expects the server string to 
match `Apache.*\ (CentOS)`, when in fact the server line is:

Server: Apache/2.4.51 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9) OpenSSL/3.0.0

This got me thinking about how de-branding is supposed to work in CS9. I 
would guess the usual process would have to be reversed now, where Red 
Hat would remove the CentOS brand from CS9 packages and add the Red Hat 
brand for the RHEL 9.0 builds, but clearly this isn't happening yet. I 
guess this is an oversight?


[*] I know, I know, but I have to run *something* before you guys 
release your own functional test suite for CS9!