[CentOS-devel] Thank you to Karanbir Singh

Wed Oct 20 01:34:57 UTC 2021
Jack Aboutboul <jack at almalinux.org>


Thank you for everything you have done for the community and the world 
at large. The reality is that this planet would be a very different 
place if it were not for the work that you have done over these past two 

Much success in whatever adventure you chose to take next.


On 10/19/21 06:28, Rich Bowen wrote:
> On behalf of the CentOS Board of Directors, and the whole CentOS 
> community, I want to thank KB for his years of service as project 
> leader and chair of the board. KB has shaped the project for almost 2 
> decades, and has made the world a better place by his work over the 
> years.
> KB, it's been a privilege to work with you for the past few years. 
> Thank you for your trust and respect as I've become part of that 
> story. I wish you much joy in your future endeavors, and will always 
> appreciate the chance to work alongside you on this great project.
> Please join me in thanking KB, and in telling your KB stories.
> Context, in case you missed it: https://karan.org/posts/stepping-down/