[CentOS-devel] [REPORT] Quarterly Report - CentOS Automotive SIG

Fri Sep 30 20:42:46 UTC 2022
Jeffrey Osier-Mixon <jefro at redhat.com>

October 2022 Quarterly report submitted by: Jefro Osier-Mixon, Red Hat -
acting chair
Membership update

This SIG does not have a formal membership process. The mailing list
currently has 99 subscribers representing at least 31 organizations, though
not all subscribers use corporate emails and some are participating as

Releases in the most recent quarter (or most recent release, if none in
that quarter)

The SIG provides a new distribution: Automotive Stream Distribution
(AutoSD), a CentOS Stream derivative designed specifically around the needs
of an automotive OS, and transparently the upstream project for Red Hat's
eventual in-vehicle OS product. AutoSD has been downloaded and used by many
organizations who have commented or asked for help, so we know it is
getting some traction though of course we don't have exact metrics on usage.

Health report and general activity narrative

The CentOS Automotive SIG celebrated its first year anniversary in August.

The SIG has typically had 1-2 public meetings per month, one formal and one
informal "office hours", each with 25-40 attendees, with visible
participation from 7-10 separate organizations.  The office hours portion
has been on hiatus since July as summer vacations brought attendance to a
crawl, but we intend to start them back up in October.

This SIG is intended to be a community effort with contributions and shared
benefits from all participants. All formal meetings are recorded and posted
on this page:

Several Red Hat employees made the initial contributions to the project as
well as the infrastructure required to build and test it. We occupy a
gitlab repository in the CentOS namespace building software regularly using
CI, with build instructions provided on the documentation page at https://
sigs.centos.org/automotive/ . Sample images are present and downloadable
along with customization and build instructions.

This is a high-level summary of activity over our first year as outlined on
the CentOS blog

We worked to define what the Automotive SIG is producing and we landed on
three artifacts:
- AutoSD, a CentOS-Stream based linux distribution which is the public,
in-development version of the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System (similar
to CentOS Stream for RHEL).
- An Automotive SIG RPM repository that allows the community to expand the
content of AutoSD or experiment with some of its parts.
- Sample images, built using OSBuild, which provide examples of how to
assemble production images based on AutoSD, customized for some hardware,
including container images, based on CoreOS/ostree technologies.

All of this resides in a repository on gitlab, in the CentOS namespace with
the infrastructure to enable CI/CD for a basic distribution. We are
building a set of nightly images for different use-cases, and have a robust
set of documentation at the above link.

Not a lot of high-level features have been introduced over the past few
months due to vacation schedules, but the distro is doing very well and now
supports a SOAFEE implementation along with container support based on
podman and systemd. In addition, we are pleased to have had the first
contribution from outside Red Hat (thanks Volvo!).

Issues for the board to address, if any

None, keep up the excellent work :)

Jeffrey "Jefro" Osier-Mixon  |  jefro at redhat.com
Red Hat Office of the CTO  |  Sr. Principal Community Architect, Automotive
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