[CentOS-devel] RDO Antelope Released

Tue Apr 18 13:53:06 UTC 2023
Amy Marrich <amy at redhat.com>

The RDO community is pleased to announce the general availability of the
RDO build for OpenStack 2023.1 Antelope for RPM-based distributions, CentOS
Stream and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RDO is suitable for building private,
public, and hybrid clouds. Antelope is the 27th release from the OpenStack
project, which is the work of more than 1,000 contributors from around the

The release is already available for CentOS Stream 9 on the CentOS mirror
network in:


The RDO community project curates, packages, builds, tests and maintains a
complete OpenStack component set for RHEL and CentOS Stream and is a member
of the CentOS Cloud Infrastructure SIG. The Cloud Infrastructure SIG
focuses on delivering a great user experience for CentOS users looking to
build and maintain their own on-premise, public or hybrid clouds.

All work on RDO and on the downstream release, Red Hat OpenStack Platform,
is 100% open source, with all code changes going upstream first.

The highlights of the broader upstream OpenStack project may be read via
https://releases.openstack.org/antelope/highlights.html but here are some

   - The continuation of SRBAC and FIPS to make OpenStack a more secure
   platform across various services, along with additional support in images.
   - Additional drivers and features for Block Storage to support more
   technologies from vendors such as Dell, Hitachi and NetApp, among others.
   - DNS Zones that can now be shared with other tenants (projects)
   allowing them to create and manage recordsets within the Zone.
   - Networking port forwarding was added to the dashboard for Floating IPs.
   - Additional networking features to support OVN.
   - Compute now allows PCI devices to be scheduled via the Placement API
   and power consumption can be managed for dedicated CPUs.
   - Load balancing now allows users to enable cpu-pinning.
   - Community testing of compatibility between non-adjacent upstream

OpenStack Antelope is the first release marked as Skip Level Upgrade
Release Process or SLURP. According to this model (
this means that upgrades will be supported between these (SLURP) releases,
in addition to between adjacent major releases.

*TripleO removal in the RDO Antelope release:* During the Antelope cycle,
The TripleO team communicated the decision of abandoning the development of
the project and deprecating the master branches. According to that upstream
decision, TripleO packages have been removed from the RDO distribution and
will not be included in the Antelope release.

*Contributors* During the Zed cycle, we saw the following new RDO

   - Adrian Fusco Arnejo
   - Bhagyashri Shewale
   - Eduardo Olivares
   - Elvira Garcia Ruiz
   - Enrique Vallespí
   - Jason Paroly
   - Juan Badia Payno
   - Karthik Sundaravel
   - Roberto Alfieri
   - Tom Weininger

Welcome to all of you and Thank You So Much for participating! But we
wouldn’t want to overlook anyone.

A super massive Thank You to all *52* contributors who participated in
producing this release. This list includes commits to rdo-packages,
rdo-infra, and rdo-website repositories:

   - Adrian Fusco Arnejo
   - Alan Pevec
   - Alfredo Moralejo Alonso
   - Amol Kahat
   - Amy Marrich
   - Ananya Banerjee
   - Artom Lifshitz
   - Arx Cruz
   - Bhagyashri Shewale
   - Cédric Jeanneret
   - Chandan Kumar
   - Daniel Pawlik
   - Dariusz Smigiel
   - Dmitry Tantsur
   - Douglas Viroel
   - Eduardo Olivares
   - Elvira Garcia Ruiz
   - Emma Foley
   - Eric Harney
   - Enrique Vallespí
   - Fabien Boucher
   - Harald Jensas
   - Jakob Meng
   - Jason Paroly
   - Jesse Pretorius
   - Jiří Podivín
   - Joel Capitao
   - Juan Badia Payno
   - Julia Kreger
   - Karolina Kula
   - Karthik Sundaravel
   - Leif Madsen
   - Luigi Toscano
   - Luis Tomas Bolivar
   - Marios Andreou
   - Martin Kopec
   - Matthias Runge
   - Matthieu Huin
   - Nicolas Hicher
   - Pooja Jadhav
   - Rabi Mishra
   - Riccardo Pittau
   - Roberto Alfieri
   - Ronelle Landy
   - Sandeep Yadav
   - Sean Mooney
   - Slawomir Kaplonski
   - Steve Baker
   - Takashi Kajinami
   - Tobias Urdin
   - Tom Weininger
   - Yatin Karel

*The Next Release Cycle*

At the end of one release, focus shifts immediately to the next release i.e

*Get Started*

To spin up a proof of concept cloud, quickly, and on limited hardware, try
an All-In-One Packstack installation. You can run RDO on a single node to
get a feel for how it works.

Finally, for those that don’t have any hardware or physical resources,
there’s the OpenStack Global Passport Program. This is a collaborative
effort between OpenStack public cloud providers to let you experience the
freedom, performance and interoperability of open source infrastructure.
You can quickly and easily gain access to OpenStack infrastructure via
trial programs from participating OpenStack public cloud providers around
the world.

*Get Help*

The RDO Project has our users at lists.rdoproject.org for RDO-specific users
and operators. For more developer-oriented content we recommend joining the
dev at lists.rdoproject.org mailing list. Remember to post a brief
introduction about yourself and your RDO story. The mailing lists archives
are all available at https://mail.rdoproject.org. You can also find
extensive documentation on RDOproject.org.

The #rdo channel on OFTC IRC is also an excellent place to find and give

We also welcome comments and requests on the CentOS devel mailing list and
the CentOS IRC channels (#centos, #centos-cloud, and #centos-devel in
Libera.Chat network), however we have a more focused audience within the
RDO venues.

*Get Involved*

To get involved in the OpenStack RPM packaging effort, check out the RDO
contribute pages, peruse the CentOS Cloud SIG page, and inhale the RDO
packaging documentation. Join us in #rdo on the OFTC IRC network and follow
us on Twitter @RDOCommunity. You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.

*Amy Marrich*


Principal Technical Marketing Manager - Cloud Platforms

Red Hat, Inc <https://www.redhat.com/>

amy at redhat.com

Mobile: 954-818-0514

Slack:  amarrich

IRC: spotz
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