[Centos-docs] Request: Page about other lists/ info sources

Fri Nov 24 02:18:00 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>> Eg. Can we have a section that says : Xen, and then list the Xen mailing
>> lists, and some url's - maybe 3 - 4 to start with.
> Hmmmm. Yes, it could take traffic away from the users list.
>> to start with, maybe we can just start off with a list of Alternative
>> Mailing Lists that might help with specific issues ( Xen, Bind, samba etc )
> And here is where I see a problem. The samba "support infrastructure"
> tends to tell users "Use a current version". Same goes (kind of) for
> postfix. And: Both mailing lists are *really* high traffic.
> I don't know about Xen or bind ...

a fair guess would be that they are in exactly the same boat.

> So: Do we really want to do that? Or do we get more questions like "My
> samba-3.30.40 doesn't work. And the samba guys told me to use that."?

its a sort of catch-22 situation, should we just not talk about the 
upstream projects or link to them because of this issue ? Maybe we can 
have a little bit of info about this 'gotcha' and list the project pages 
/ mailing lists / support forums ?

I am not saying that we should go ahead and create these pages to link 
all over the place, but what I am saying is - do we need to have a 
conversation about this sometime soon and see what can / if anything - 
be done.

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