[Centos-docs] Some Spanish Translation

Thu Sep 28 11:42:30 UTC 2006
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

danieldk at pobox.com wrote:
> It seems so, if I read the page correctly. Besides that, I think that
> translating the page titles will clutter up the Wiki, and will make it
> hard for English 'wiki elves' to maintain the Wiki when it grows. How
> about mirroring the English namespace for translations? So, for instance,
> the Spanish translation of
> /PackageManagement/Yum/FastestMirror
> would be:
> /es/PackageManagement/Yum/FastestMirror

That sounds like a rather good idea, though I still see problems with

- You cannot have all language links on the front page. This will
  clutter it up beyond recognition. 
- You cannot "hide" links to other languages in a subpage. Okay, at the
  moment we only have a front page which links to "portal pages" (I'd
  say "Verteilerseiten" in german, no idea what it is in english) -
  linking to versions in other languages is easy from there and very
  obvious. But what happens when we have to have
  "frontpage->subportal->subportal"? No one will really find those
- You could duplicate those pages into the (lets assume es) es/
  namespace and link to the english pages when none other is available.
  Won't work, as you have to change a page in *all* languages if you
  edit a new entry.


> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HierarchicalAccessControlList

That's a patch? It would be great for the HardwareList, if we can lock
down editing to the hardware template (and we could see how much spam
we'd get in a rather small area of the wiki) :)

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