[Centos-docs] Some Spanish Translation

Thu Sep 28 11:39:20 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

danieldk at pobox.com wrote:
> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>> I don't think we can maintain frontpages for every language moin
>> supports - and that (besides system pages) is the only place where I see
>> page selection based on the browser's language prefs.
> It seems so, if I read the page correctly. Besides that, I think that
> translating the page titles will clutter up the Wiki, and will make it
> hard for English 'wiki elves' to maintain the Wiki when it grows. How
> about mirroring the English namespace for translations? So, for instance,
> the Spanish translation of
> /PackageManagement/Yum/FastestMirror
> would be:
> /es/PackageManagement/Yum/FastestMirror
> This will make page header links to other languages fairly simple (since
> it has the same page name plus a prefix). Besides that it will make it
> possible to assign editors for a language with hierarchical ACLs[1].
> -- Daniel
> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HierarchicalAccessControlList

humm... how about turning it around. so each page gets a language tag at 
the end.

eg. /PackageManagement/Yum/FastestMirror/
and a /PackageManagement/Yum/FastestMirror/es/

would that be a better way of creating alternative pages ?

the best process, imho, is still to get the users' lang choice involved 
and just server those pages where a local translation is available, 
otherwise an English page.

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