[CentOS-docs] modern-CentOS-1.7-2

Fri Nov 16 17:06:34 UTC 2007
Alain Reguera Delgado <alain.reguera at gmail.com>

On 11/16/07, Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de> wrote:
> Daniel de Kok wrote:
> > On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 10:57 -0500, Alain Reguera Delgado wrote:
> >> Looks good ... but it breaks navibar when I access a page different
> >> from those listed in navibar :-\ ... does it happen to you too ?
> >
> > That depends on the browser window width here. I've always found it
> > unintuitive that the page title/path is shown in the navibar. Maybe we
> > should think about leaving that out?
> Hmmm. Renaming Frequently Asked Questions to "FAQs" should help with
> that. And shorten CentOS Events to "Events" maybe? Although that isn't
> obvious enough, probably.
> I'd like to keep the "Recent Changes" on there - but shouldn't it be
> enough to rename that to Changelog?
> How does this look?

Looks good in a 1024x768 mode ... now the navibar is still in place
when different pages from it are accessed.

Note that, large pages seems to be cut for a fixed size that is in the
actual range, and it does not break navibar. Ex. The page
"HowTos/CreateLocalReposLargePageToTest" looks like
"CreateLocal...ePageToTest". We need to see if this applies to other
cases too.