[CentOS-docs] Re: [CentOS] apt-cacher for CentOS

Thu Oct 11 13:39:32 UTC 2007
Matt Hyclak <hyclak at math.ohiou.edu>

On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 12:34:45PM +0200, Dag Wieers enlightened us:
> > James A. Peltier wrote:
> > > If there isn't an equivalent, would someone please point me in the direction
> > > of how I might accomplish this with CentOS?
> >
> > The Upstream have a Satellite program that provides local copies for their
> > distribution/management network. Don't know if that is something that could be
> > re-packaged?
> I think as part of CentOS we should have a wiki page that provides a few
> of the already discussed solutions. RHN Proxy or RHN Satellite are at this
> moment not Open Source and cannot be packaged.
> Is anyone interested in writing this content and maintaining it in the
> CentOS wiki ? I am very interested to contribute to it myself, but have
> other responsibilities already.

This is discussed a little bit already on
http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/PackageManagement/YumOnRHEL but it could
probably have some of that content split out to a separate page on managing
repos, and let YumOnRHEL concentrate on just that - Yum on RHEL. Especially
since that is a moot point on RHEL5.


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