[CentOS-docs] Postfix pages

Thu Apr 10 13:16:12 UTC 2008
Michael Crider <mcrider at hoecoop.org>

First I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the Postfix 
pages so far. I recently undertook replacing our existing mail server 
(which used the CentOS 4 howto at hughesjr.com) with a new machine 
running CentOS 5 in Xen. The machine is actually running two Xen images: 
mail and web server (the old machine did both functions in one install).
I have done two things that go beyond the existing howtos.
1) I set up OpenLDAP and used it for the database of email users. As I 
see it this has two advantages. From a security standpoint, no user has 
a shell login without any extra steps (I know - this can be blocked in 
other ways). For future upgrades, it is simple to export an LDIF and 
import it in the new machine.
2) I set up MailScanner with ClamAV for virus scanning and Spamassassin 
for spam filtering.
All of this was done with packages from the main repository or from 
DAG's repository, except for MailScanner itself which used the rpm 
installer from their website.
If there is any interest in wiki pages for either or both of these, I 
would be happy to write them.
Michael Crider
Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative
West Plains MO

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