[CentOS-docs] Postfix pages

Thu Apr 10 13:57:07 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <nedslider at f2s.com>

Michael Crider wrote:
> First I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the Postfix 
> pages so far. I recently undertook replacing our existing mail server 
> (which used the CentOS 4 howto at hughesjr.com) with a new machine 
> running CentOS 5 in Xen. The machine is actually running two Xen images: 
> mail and web server (the old machine did both functions in one install).
> I have done two things that go beyond the existing howtos.
> 1) I set up OpenLDAP and used it for the database of email users. As I 
> see it this has two advantages. From a security standpoint, no user has 
> a shell login without any extra steps (I know - this can be blocked in 
> other ways). For future upgrades, it is simple to export an LDIF and 
> import it in the new machine.
> 2) I set up MailScanner with ClamAV for virus scanning and Spamassassin 
> for spam filtering.
> All of this was done with packages from the main repository or from 
> DAG's repository, except for MailScanner itself which used the rpm 
> installer from their website.
> If there is any interest in wiki pages for either or both of these, I 
> would be happy to write them.

Hi Michael,

I wrote most of the postfix pages so far, with invaluable contributions 
from others!

As you will have noted, I have tried to keep each guide modular so that 
it may be plugged into a working postfix setup achieved from following 
the first guide. The idea was that users could then pick and choose the 
functionality they required to roll their own custom solutions.

IMHO I think both your suggestions would make excellent additions and it 
would be nice if they could follow the modular approach (so assume users 
have the basic guide up and running).