[CentOS-docs] Doc for the Wiki

Wed Apr 9 15:07:24 UTC 2008
Daniel de Kok <me at danieldk.org>

On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 2:34 PM, Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de> wrote:
> Chris Mauritz wrote:
>  > Building from source wasn't my preference either, but there aren't any up
>  > to date packages available.  Anyhow, I modified the document for my own use
>  > in case I need to do it again.  If you'd like to exclude it for the
>  > "compiled from source" reason alone, that's fine with me.
>  That's why I'd like to wait for others to chime in >:)

I have to agree, I don't think we should discourage on one hand, and
then advocate it. If the necessary packages are missing, we should try
to get them in one of the repositories that we recommend.

-- Daniel