[CentOS-docs] Diskless Clients

Mon Apr 21 21:11:33 UTC 2008
Max Hetrick <maxhetrick at verizon.net>

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John wrote:

> I think the best solution for right now is to take off the CentOS 5. In
> the mean time I'll be testing Cobbler out from the Testing repo this
> week. Perhaps maybe a section could be written on the Wiki for using
> cobbler and you could provide a link to it from yours. Example: Please
> see this link here for CentOS 5 Diskless Installs. That is when cobbler
> makes it to the extra repo. Any ideas on this?

Agreed. I already added notes about not being able to get it working in
CentOS 5. I provided the hacks link for those interested in trying, but
made sure it was stated that it did not work for me.

I've never used Cobbler before, so I can't write the docs right off
hand. If there's someone else willing to do this I can link to them. I'm
sure eventually I'll use it if I need to do network boots off CentOS 5,
but for the time being I don't plan on using it. Long term, maybe.

We could also change the title of my doc to make sure it's unique to
CentOS 4 and then the new document on cobbler could be unique: Diskless
Clients CentOS 5.

> In my opinion I can't provide an application to a client in real life
> that requires more Hacks than the law allows. In reality they left it
> out for a good reason. There's tons of changes between 4 and 5.

Also agreed. I tried to get it working myself just for documentation's
sake even though I don't require it's use on CentOS 5 yet, but it
failed. Can't say we didn't try. :)
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