[CentOS-docs] Diskless Clients

Mon Apr 21 23:01:48 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Mon, 2008-04-21 at 17:11 -0400, Max Hetrick wrote:
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> John wrote:
> > I think the best solution for right now is to take off the CentOS 5. In
> > the mean time I'll be testing Cobbler out from the Testing repo this
> > week. Perhaps maybe a section could be written on the Wiki for using
> > cobbler and you could provide a link to it from yours. Example: Please
> > see this link here for CentOS 5 Diskless Installs. That is when cobbler
> > makes it to the extra repo. Any ideas on this?
> Agreed. I already added notes about not being able to get it working in
> CentOS 5. I provided the hacks link for those interested in trying, but
> made sure it was stated that it did not work for me.
> I've never used Cobbler before, so I can't write the docs right off
> hand. If there's someone else willing to do this I can link to them. I'm
> sure eventually I'll use it if I need to do network boots off CentOS 5,
> but for the time being I don't plan on using it. Long term, maybe.
> We could also change the title of my doc to make sure it's unique to
> CentOS 4 and then the new document on cobbler could be unique: Diskless
> Clients CentOS 5.

Sure we can it is up to you if you want to put a link to it (you wrote
it). When I get the my Cobbler situation sorted out i'll let you know.
If I feel like I can do a good enough job of writing it (maybe with help
and extra pointers), I'll volunteer to write it as there people asking
about it. Ralph said no one has given any feedback on it how how things
installed, worked etc. He'll be getting some this week about it though.

> > In my opinion I can't provide an application to a client in real life
> > that requires more Hacks than the law allows. In reality they left it
> > out for a good reason. There's tons of changes between 4 and 5.
> Also agreed. I tried to get it working myself just for documentation's
> sake even though I don't require it's use on CentOS 5 yet, but it
> failed. Can't say we didn't try. :)
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