[CentOS-docs] Visualization and desktop page


jses27 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 00:53:12 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-12-10 at 19:27 -0500, Max Hetrick wrote:
> Scott Robbins wrote:
> > I know I'd like to see such things (as one of the culprits in a way,
> > having a few articles on laptops on the wiki.)  
> > 
> > Actually, by odd coincidence, just today I was thinking of putting Conky
> > on one of them.  But if Max, whose nagios articles I recommend to
> > everyone, regardless of O/S, who is having trouble figuring out the
> > nagios docs, is writing about it, I'll wait till he writes it to do it.
> > 
> > So here's one vote for it.   :)   (After seeing Max's post, I went to
> > his site to see if he'd already done it there, but apparently not.)
> Thanks, Scott! I really appreciate the compliments.
> I haven't written it yet which is why it's no where to be found yet. I 
> just discovered Conky today, and I really like it, so I figured why not 
> write a guide up. I used to use gdesklets all the time, but haven't for 
> awhile. Conky seems better to use after playing around with it.

Hi Max maybe something along the line that Looks like Windows Vista
Gadgets? I get asked alot but I've never looked into it though. Maybe
there is something already like that? Things kinda like installing
Google Earth? Your wantting that Windows Look and Feel?


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