[CentOS-docs] Added BackupPC Guide

Max Hetrick

maxhetrick at verizon.net
Thu Dec 18 21:23:40 UTC 2008

Akemi Yagi wrote:

> I have been following this thread and re-read the whole thing.  No one
> is finding fault with your article.  No one is saying the article is
> lacking or missing points.  As I see the notes in this thread, I only
> see positive response and positive comments which might make the
> article even better.  Yes, it is already an excellent one but even an
> excellent one could be made better.  I am really sad if you felt
> offensive.
> Each person has a different way of contributing to the CentOS
> community and to a different degree.  Some can write and contribute
> Wiki articles and others can only make comments or suggestions in
> hopes that they can help in some way.  If someone makes suggestions to
> what I have contributed on the Wiki but cannot spend own time to
> add/modify them, I would still be grateful to him/her for that.
> I would like to repeat once again, I do not find anything in any of
> the notes in this thread that you should take as negatives toward your
> writing.  But that is just my view which could be biased (certainly
> hope not).

Point taken, and I certainly apologize for sounding snippy, that was not 
my intent. It's just that the guide started out stating it was 
referencing something specific is all my point was. If others want to 
expand on that, I fully support that. And it's great if others want to 
contribute ideas to it, that's the point of a wiki.

Steve seemed to have some specific ideas he wanted added, so that's 
great if he or others want to expand on that. :) Again, the entire point 
of a wiki is for others to be able to contribute to already written 

There seems to be so much of a grey line here on the CentOS lists about 
what's off-topic and what's not. One time, a subject is off topic, and 
then the next, it's ok to branch out and be broad. That being said, I 
usually try to keep my writing contributed to CentOS specific things so 
I don't go off too far one way or the other.

Just like the other day when I posted about creating a page of 
visualizations and what not, there was not much said among the Edit 
Group, because it was rather off-topic, even though a few people 
expressed interest and relevance. So, I'm not entire sure sometimes how 
to approach writing for CentOS for fear of being "off-topic." Usually 
when you start talking Windows on any CentOS list, you're told pretty 
quickly to take it elsewhere.

Obviously, if someone is mentioning adding Windows things to guides, I 
don't want to be the one adding it because I don't want to upset the 
CentOS higher ups that push Windows is off-topic. I hope you understand 
what I'm trying to explain.

I certainly didn't mean to sound harsh, so I wanted to explain a little 


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