[CentOS-docs] Create page about rebuilding SRPMS and preparing RPM environment

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Fri Jul 11 15:14:00 UTC 2008

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008, Filipe Brandenburger wrote:

> As discussed on the centos-users list, I would like to create some
> pages on the CentOS Wiki with instructions on how to set up your
> environment to build RPMs and how to rebuild RPMs.

ummm ... it exists several places .. also, out pointers at:

> I would suggest creating these two:
> 1) http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/RebuildSRPM
> 2) http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/SetupRpmBuildEnvironment

I guess the question in my mind becomes multiplication and 

How is it a win to add yet more pages, rather than extend the 
existing one; the whole topic of packag building -- as root, 
as an end user, in a chroot, in a chroot with defined base 
packages, using one of the several tools from mach, on ... ?

-- Russ herrold

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