[CentOS-docs] RTL8111 Wiki Pages

Thu Jun 26 18:14:05 UTC 2008
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 06/26/2008 07:39 PM, Kirk Bocek wrote:
> Howdy,
> It appears that CentOS 5.2's support for the RTL8111B/C chip is 
> incomplete. The wiki has some blanket statements regarding this support:
> http://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/HardwareList/CentOS5/RealTek/r1000 
> http://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/HardwareList/RealTekRTL8111b
> I could dive in an make the changes *I* think need to happen but I'd 
> like to talk to people first.
> The gritty details:
> Last night I attempted to install 5.2 x86_64 on a new Gigabyte 
> GA-G31M-S2L. This motherboard has an RTL8111C NIC on-board. After PXE 
> booting into the 5.2 installer, the installer hung while waiting for 
> DHCP information. Checking the various consoles, it's clear that the 
> installer identified the NIC and loaded the r8169 driver. But the 
> driver obviously failed.
> After copying in Realtek's r8168-8.006.00 and manually installing it 
> on the existing 5.1 installation, the NIC works fine.
> So the wiki pages need to be updated. Any ideas how to proceed?
I'll do it. Could you please send me the (private mail, so we do not 
clutter the list) the output of "lspci -v" and the relevant content from 
/etc/sysconfig/hwconf ?
As Ned has said, I guess that the problem lies in the revision (C versus 
B ).
Meanwhile you can use the dkms-r8168 package ( vers 8.0.04 is available 
from rpmforge, while an updated one - v8.0.06 can be retrieved from 
http://wolfy.fedorapeople.org/dkms-r8168 ). I'll try to create a driver 
disk but since my last attempt to create a DD with the realtek drivers 
failed in pains and I am very close to a vacation period, this might 
happen in August.

Could you also add a bug in RH's bugzilla ?