[CentOS-docs] nspluginwrapper

Fri Jun 27 12:01:33 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

Scott Robbins wrote:
> As the subject of nspluginwrapper came up recently, it might
> be worth mentioning that it's not properly documented.
> The README seems to be the official nspluginwrapper README, which, oddly
> enough, states that it's used with the command
> nspluginwrapper
> However, RedHat based systems seem to all use mozilla-config-plugin.  
> (I'm not sure about other distributions--FreeBSD uses the more intuitive 
> command nspluginwrapper and gives a message about its usage upon 
> installation.)  
> The only way I discovered this was by googling and coming across the
> unofficial Fedora FAQ.  I don't know if it merits a wiki entry, but
> perhaps either a README.RedHat or even a small FAQ entry might be
> useful.  It would just require a couple of lines, to the effect of 
> "Note that the command to run nspluginwrapper is
> mozilla-config-plugins.  
> Running mozilla-config-plugins --help will show the available options."
> It may be documented elsewhere, but it's not easy to find.  At least, I
> didn't find it in the wiki or FAQ.  The Japanese page which does come up
> in a wiki search only mentions it as a package, with no indications
> about its use.  (My Japanese reading is weak, but even someone who can't
> read it at all will see that it's only mentioned once in a list of
> packages.

I don't know if it's of any help as I've not used nspluginwrapper 
before, but I stumbled across this guide by Tammy Fox recently:


Thought I'd mention it in case it might be useful for anyone putting 
together any documentation on the subject.