[CentOS-docs] Test-driving RHEL Betas

Mon Nov 3 20:26:11 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>


Marcus Moeller wrote:
> I don't think that pushing RH's beta is such a bad idea as it will
> help improving CentOS. But afaik there won't be any 'open' RHEL betas
> in the near future.

If its not open, its not welcome in CentOS lands ( /opinion ) If people 
want it promoted via CentOS channels, effort should go into making it 
open. Were not around to put pressure on Redhat or anyone else to do 
things they dont want to do - we are here to facilitate a community and 
to do our best at that. Also, not getting sued is high on the agenda.

> The more important aspect I guess is to promote using the RH bug
> tracker and to train users to decide on their own wherever a bug is
> related to upstream or to CentOS.

yes, I agree.

- KB