[CentOS-docs] Test-driving RHEL Betas

Mon Nov 3 20:18:33 UTC 2008
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Mon, 3 Nov 2008, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Marcus Moeller wrote:
>>  Good Evening (Dag and Karan),
>>  I have noticed the slight changes on the Download Page which is now
>>  linking to the RHEL Betas and want to take the discussion to the ML
>>  instead of the Wiki.
>>  I would personally prefer to link to the RHEL Betas from a (not yet
>>  created) Test-driving RHEL SIG page instead of the CentOS download
>>  page. This should be meant to promote project related downloads
>>  (resources provided by CentOS) only.
> I dont understand the fascination with the RHEL beta's at all. They clearly 
> dont want it in the open space, so why are we pushing for that ?
> Has anyone spoken to the people at Redhat ? What have they said ? When are we 
> going to see the public images ? Rather than going ahead and placing stuff 
> like that on the website, there should at the very least be a discussion 
> about this. Ironic that Dag would comment on this issue asking for a 
> discussion when he asked the question earlier and never bothered replying to 
> comments that people made to his question.
> I can see that Dag has reinstated the portion that I removed earlier today. 
> Dag perhaps you missed my comment to your question ? or you rather wish  to 
> ignore it at the time w.r.t what we could / should do with the RHEL betas ?

I did no have anything to add. I do understand your point and I agree with 
it partly. I normally do not ack on every email that I agree with.

We are not pushing the RHEL Betas by mentioning it on the wiki, are we ? 
You did not say we should not mention it. Other people replied favorably.
I indicated on the wiki that you needed a RHN entitlement to be able to 
download it (which is what I think Tim wanted) so how is that pushing ?

And yes I contacted Red Hat via 3 different people and I am awaiting 
feedback. One person pushed it internally within Red Hat.

The problem here is that you are strongly against it while at least 2 
people were favorable. And that you removed my changes with a question 
through the wiki comments that I could have answered by email.

I have no problem to discuss it, or change it, or move it to another part, 
or even remove if completely. But I do object to the communication-by-wiki 
style. And I do object to the fact that if you disagree with something it 
seems to be the law.

That is why I put it back and answered your question where it was asked, 
through the wiki comments.

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