[CentOS-docs] Test-driving RHEL Betas

Mon Nov 3 21:24:52 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Dag Wieers wrote:
> I did no have anything to add. I do understand your point and I agree 
> with it partly. I normally do not ack on every email that I agree with.

Ok, it was just quite surprising that you went ahead and posted that 
content anyway. To me, it was the start of a conversation and not that 
you would post a question to finish it off. My mistake on that.

> We are not pushing the RHEL Betas by mentioning it on the wiki, are we ? 

Putting it on the Download page, we most certainly are pushing it.

> And yes I contacted Red Hat via 3 different people and I am awaiting 
> feedback. One person pushed it internally within Red Hat.

Is there anything that we could do from an @centos point of view or 
people who might be spoken with ? We can all push upstream to open the 
beta program up on a personal level, however doing it as a community 
might carry more weight ? perhaps ? I've just emailed the guys at 
SciLinux to see what their opinion on the subject is and if they would 
like to join in the effort requesting an open beta.

btw, upstream seemed quite firm on not doing so ( my impression again ) 
when the same issue was quite hotly contested as a sub-issue in the 
fedora-devel conversation about wikipedia's move to ubuntu and 
implications / fallouts from that.

> I have no problem to discuss it, or change it, or move it to another 
> part, or even remove if completely. But I do object to the 
> communication-by-wiki style. And I do object to the fact that if you 
> disagree with something it seems to be the law.
> That is why I put it back and answered your question where it was asked, 
> through the wiki comments.

my bad, perhaps a s/?/!/ would have gone down better in the comment log 
( which by the way, we should all do a lot more of - add comments to 
commits )

- KB