[CentOS-docs] What's an Enterprise class OS

Mon Nov 10 18:14:17 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Steve Tindall wrote:
>> When looking for a reference to post in response to a question, I often
>> find it hard to locate questions in the FAQs that I know exist, but
>> sometimes that's because of the web vs. wiki FAQs issue (i.e., I'm
>> looking in the wrong one).
> The problem with the FAQs on the web site is, that only a small amount
> of people can edit there - and those are the people who tend to have not
> enough time as it is at the moment. 

The more I think about this, and in relation to the whole WebSite2 
vision, I'm wondering if a simple static page at www.centos.org is all 
that may be needed combined with wiki.centos.org for content/docs etc, 
forums.centos.org, MLs and IRC for support, and projects.centos.org/trac 
for the other stuff. At least with a simple static front page that say 
what the project is all about and links to the important areas it's not 
something that needs updating and thus isn't a burden on those who can 
least afford the time plus then the Wiki editorial group could take on 
much of the rest hopefully freeing up the core devs to do what only they 
can do. The Wiki could host much of the content that's currently on 

Don't shoot me... just thinking out loud :D

I'd be interested to hear opinion from Karanbir, Dag and others who've 
been active in this area recently.