[CentOS-docs] What's an Enterprise class OS

Mon Nov 10 18:39:32 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Ned Slider wrote:
> The more I think about this, and in relation to the whole WebSite2 
> vision, I'm wondering if a simple static page at www.centos.org is all 
> that may be needed combined with wiki.centos.org for content/docs etc, 
> forums.centos.org, MLs and IRC for support, and projects.centos.org/trac 
> for the other stuff. 

as has been repeatedly pointed out on this list and other places, that 
is not going to happen unless there are certain benchmarks met. I dont 
see any effort towards that at the moment, so no - that wont be 
happening anytime soon.

i'd be happy to work with any group of people who want to setup and run 
a documentation sub-sig that address's the issues of content navigation 
and content management from both sides : (1) the project and (2) the 
distro. Both of which are very different from each other.

> At least with a simple static front page that say 
> what the project is all about and links to the important areas it's not 
> something that needs updating and thus isn't a burden on those who can 
> least afford the time plus then the Wiki editorial group could take on 
> much of the rest hopefully freeing up the core devs to do what only they 
> can do. The Wiki could host much of the content that's currently on 
> www.centos.org.

Actually no. the wiki is incapable of hosting more than 15% or so of the 
content in www.centos.org - but if you think that more can be moved 
over, I'd like to hear how you worked that out :D

- KB

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