[CentOS-docs] What's an Enterprise class OS

Mon Nov 10 21:40:18 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Ned Slider wrote:
>> The more I think about this, and in relation to the whole WebSite2 
>> vision, I'm wondering if a simple static page at www.centos.org is all 
>> that may be needed combined with wiki.centos.org for content/docs etc, 
>> forums.centos.org, MLs and IRC for support, and 
>> projects.centos.org/trac for the other stuff. 
> as has been repeatedly pointed out on this list and other places, that 
> is not going to happen unless there are certain benchmarks met. I dont 
> see any effort towards that at the moment, so no - that wont be 
> happening anytime soon.
> i'd be happy to work with any group of people who want to setup and run 
> a documentation sub-sig that address's the issues of content navigation 
> and content management from both sides : (1) the project and (2) the 
> distro. Both of which are very different from each other.
>> At least with a simple static front page that say what the project is 
>> all about and links to the important areas it's not something that 
>> needs updating and thus isn't a burden on those who can least afford 
>> the time plus then the Wiki editorial group could take on much of the 
>> rest hopefully freeing up the core devs to do what only they can do. 
>> The Wiki could host much of the content that's currently on 
>> www.centos.org.
> Actually no. the wiki is incapable of hosting more than 15% or so of the 
> content in www.centos.org - but if you think that more can be moved 
> over, I'd like to hear how you worked that out :D

Hmm, OK, how about we try that the other way around - what is the 85% 
that couldn't be hosted on a Wiki? I'm thinking maybe the news and 
announcements section probably isn't best suited to a Wiki (a CMS 
solution would probably be more preferable), but then there's been like 
one post a year ago, one in early 2005 and a few from 2004 (in 
Centos.org news) plus the usual announcements. Maybe a blog (Planet 
CentOS) style page could handle some of that type of content?

Please don't get me wrong Karanbir - I'm not having a go, it's just that 
IMHO the whole site looks dated and to an extent unmaintained. That's 
NOT in any way intended as a criticism of the core devs as we all know 
the devs have more important things to do... like produce a first class 
distro, and only so much free time to donate to the project in which to 
achieve that hugely important task. So to me this seems like an area 
where core devs could delegate some of the responsibility to others who 
have the time and would like to contribute but aren't necessarily highly 
skilled programmers/packagers etc. Is there a way the process could be 
opened up that allows others to contribute who do have the time and want 
to help?