[CentOS-docs] CentOS wiki/web changes

Wed Sep 17 11:08:06 UTC 2008
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>


A few things I would like to see fixed in the short term:

  + Simplifying the frontpage. I gave a rationale on my blog why I think
    the frontpage should be more simple an structured. You can see the
    proposal here:


    Ralph already criticized that there is too much text and I tend to
    agree. I would prefer to see an image instead and maybe a matrix of
    images. Maybe this is something for the Artwork team ?

    But next to the Frontpage we need decent subpages that structure eg.
    the Documentation or the Contribute section better. So we could need
    some help in that as well.

  + Improving the various download pages. At the moment the wiki Download
    page is a collection of links to static HTML pages that do not fit the
    rest of the wiki:


    I would like to propose that the Artwork team puts this on the list of
    things TODO so that those download pages are restyled.

  + Then there is the Donations link on the website. I now copied the
    content over to the wiki and modified it slightly. We probably should
    rethink the page wrt. donations and give some compelling reasons what
    we need money for and how it is important to have a firm project in

    We could have some other intiatives to bring in money, like
    CentOS-branded stuff we could sell, sell expensive CD/DVD media
    (invoiced) etc... If we offer those on the donations page, people might
    be more compelled to donate.

Any opinions ?
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