[CentOS-docs] ArtWork - How to collaborate

Fri Sep 12 18:08:17 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Alain.

> What do you think of adding some verbose about how to collaborate on
> ArtWork ? Actually I put the following:

Currently, most of the work is done by yourself. You have setup test
systems and are working on projects like Mantis design (and maybe
re-design of the main page)

So it's hard to get involved besides suggestions and comments.

> Collaborate

That would be great ;)

> If you want to help, the following resources are available:

>   1. Mailing lists: Introduce and discuss your ideas (in CentOS-devel list.).

I would personally prefer a seperate Artwork ML where technical
details can be discussed. Results could still be announced on -devel.

>   2. Artwork svn repository: Add your ideas.

We should keep all updates in SVN. This would make things much easier
(even to decide who is working on which parts). It would also be great
if SIG members could have access to test DOMs, so it's not necessary
to set up local installations.

>   3. Artwork Trac instance: Browse changes friendly, document
> changes, submit tickets ...

> at the end of http://wiki.centos.org/ArtWork page. Are they the right
> steps to follow? Is that page the right place for that ?

I am not sure on that, yet. If we are planning to use Trac, the wiki
page should just link to it (as Trac does include a wiki, too). Afaik
livecd is almost happening on Trac.

Therefore Trac is one of the things that needs to be de-uglyfied, too.

The advantage of the Wiki is that it already integrates well in the
existing .org world. Trac pages are hard to find, Trac URLs are not
easy to remember (yet) and the Tracs are not announced clearly on the
main site.

Here is step 4:

We need to set up something like a timeline or a plan. There are
several projects going on atm like Mantis or the $LANG sites, where
it's not yet clear (to me) what is going to happen or already
happening but kept secret.

Best Regards