[CentOS-docs] ArtWork - How to collaborate

Fri Sep 12 19:25:54 UTC 2008
Alain Reguera Delgado <alain.reguera at gmail.com>

On 9/12/08, Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de> wrote:
> Dear Alain.
> Currently, most of the work is done by yourself. You have setup test
> systems and are working on projects like Mantis design (and maybe
> re-design of the main page)
> So it's hard to get involved besides suggestions and comments.

Even suggestions and comments are very very very helpful actions, what
is needed to get people involved beyond that ?

>>   1. Mailing lists: Introduce and discuss your ideas (in CentOS-devel
>> list.).
> I would personally prefer a seperate Artwork ML where technical
> details can be discussed. Results could still be announced on -devel.

That is probably into the developers' plans.

>>   2. Artwork svn repository: Add your ideas.
> We should keep all updates in SVN. This would make things much easier
> (even to decide who is working on which parts).

I'm agree.

> It would also be great
> if SIG members could have access to test DOMs, so it's not necessary
> to set up local installations.

Don't know what you exactly want to mean with 'have access to test
DOMs, so it's not necessary to set up local installations' . Local
installation of what ?

DOMs = Document Object Models ?

>>   3. Artwork Trac instance: Browse changes friendly, document
>> changes, submit tickets ...
>> at the end of http://wiki.centos.org/ArtWork page. Are they the right
>> steps to follow? Is that page the right place for that ?
> I am not sure on that, yet. If we are planning to use Trac, the wiki
> page should just link to it (as Trac does include a wiki, too). Afaik
> livecd is almost happening on Trac.

Well, don't know if correct but, wiki.centos.org is for general
documentation, trac would be used to document specificities of each


> Here is step 4:
> We need to set up something like a timeline or a plan. There are
> several projects going on atm like Mantis or

Definitely. Does the work done at the moment could help on building a
timeline or plan for actual and further works ? and is something
missing to complete the needed parts of the distribution redesign.

> the $LANG sites, where
> it's not yet clear (to me) what is going to happen or already
> happening but kept secret.

Actually afaik, to get $LANG sites is need a common design, something
that fits what we have on the wiki, trac, and recently in mantis. To
do that the application proposed was Puntal. Personally, I tried to
reach http://www.puntal.fr and my DNS couldn't resolved the related IP
address of that site. Have any of you the same situation ?