[CentOS-docs] ArtWork - How to collaborate

Fri Sep 12 20:53:06 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Alain.

> Don't know what you exactly want to mean with 'have access to test
> DOMs, so it's not necessary to set up local installations' . Local
> installation of what ?
> DOMs = Document Object Models ?

Nope, I mean a virtual machine instance containing a copy of the
live-site (or a sample $LANG subsite).

>> I am not sure on that, yet. If we are planning to use Trac, the wiki
>> page should just link to it (as Trac does include a wiki, too). Afaik
>> livecd is almost happening on Trac.
> Well, don't know if correct but, wiki.centos.org is for general
> documentation, trac would be used to document specificities of each
> project.

Okay, but what is 'general' concerning CentOS Artwork? If you want to
use Trac, we should move the existing docs from wiki.centos.org to the
Trac wiki and link there.

It does not make sense to keep nearly the same content on two different places.

>> the $LANG sites, where
>> it's not yet clear (to me) what is going to happen or already
>> happening but kept secret.
> Actually afaik, to get $LANG sites is need a common design, something
> that fits what we have on the wiki, trac, and recently in mantis. To
> do that the application proposed was Puntal. Personally, I tried to
> reach http://www.puntal.fr and my DNS couldn't resolved the related IP
> address of that site. Have any of you the same situation ?

I am not familiar with punBB/Puntal (yet) but the Puntal.fr site is
definitely down (take a look at http://puntal.sourceforge.net ). There
are also some styles online at: www.punres.org which may be used as a
starting point.

Best Regards