[CentOS-docs] CentOS wiki/web changes

Wed Sep 17 12:34:58 UTC 2008
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Dag Wieers wrote:
>>   + Then there is the Donations link on the website. I now copied the
>>     content over to the wiki and modified it slightly. We probably should
>>     rethink the page wrt. donations and give some compelling reasons what
>>     we need money for and how it is important to have a firm project in
>>     place.
> Whats the aim of creating duplicate content and thereby creating more legacy 
> ?

The aim would be that more people could actually improve the content, 
instead of having it sit there, look ugly and not helping with donations 
at all.

If you want me to say we should replace the Website by the Wiki, I will :)

Sorry, but every link from the wiki going to the website is but-ugly, 
looks disconnected and unprofessional.

>>     We could have some other intiatives to bring in money, like
>>     CentOS-branded stuff we could sell, sell expensive CD/DVD media
>>     (invoiced) etc... If we offer those on the donations page, people might
>>     be more compelled to donate.
>>  Any opinions ?
> Not on the topics right now, will look at the wiki in a bit more detail and 
> offer comments on these issues. But one thing that I would like to see, is 
> that the news is removed from the wiki frontpage. the wiki does not get 
> enough attention and has zero mechanism for rotating content. That sort of 
> stuff really should be on the website.

Right, and the website obviously is much better in providing content to 
users (not).

Sorry Karanbir, we could argue about the principles of having a website 
and a wiki, but as long as the website is in the state it is now I would 
*never* recommend anyone to go to the website.

We are talking about the website now for 2 years without any progress or 
anyone willing to do something. So just move the stuff over to the wiki 
and get done with it.

> eg. its funny that the planet.centos.org link is still on the wiki, while the 
> service has been going for a very long time.

Right, we could discuss what news-item to put on the frontpage, but I 
think it is important to also put highlights on the wiki simply because 
nobody ever visits both.

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