[CentOS-docs] CentOS wiki/web changes

Wed Sep 17 15:25:36 UTC 2008
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Dag Wieers wrote:
>>  Why is the wiki a band-aid. A lot of projects only use a wiki and are very
>>  successful in doing so.
> Perhaps so, but fixing the real issues is always a better option, imho - then 
> working around them.

Why would using the wiki as the website be a band-aid ? It obviously is 
your opinion, but I try to find out why.

Most of the content of the website could easily live in the wiki.

>> >  the website gets a magnitude of more traffic than the wiki, so I'd say 
>> >  yes its a better mechanism at the moment.
>>  The website gets more traffic because it is called http://centos.org/ and
>>  is linked everywhere, not because the content is able to deliver.
> absolutely, so should there not be some effort to try and make that content 
> deliver ?

Well, putting it in the Wiki could have been that effort. What content of 
the website cannot be in the Wiki ? (And I am not talking about the Forums 
or the mirrorlist, but the XOOPS part)

>>  I am confident that a news-item on the wiki has more effect, than having
>>  the same news-item on the website given they would both be called
>>  http://centos.org/
> Since we are now only talking in terms of opinion pulled out of thin air, I'd 
> say not. Which is also opinion pulled out of think air.

Much as your opinion that the Wiki would be band-aid ?

>>  But that is not the point, the point is that there is nothing wrong with
>>  having news-items on the wiki, just like on the website, or the
>>  mailinglist, or planet centos for that matter.
> There is no problem in having news items anywhere, as long as its maintained 
> and its consistent and works with the user expectations without duplicating 
> things.

Ok, so your opinion is that we *have* to keep the website with its current 
content (because I sure as hell cannot add something from the website in 
the Wiki).

On what grounds does something belong in the Wiki or on the website ?

>>  No, and apparently others don't want to either.
>>  So I guess the official position is to wait until someone does it.
> Fine, I will add it to the bottom of my ToDo list, when it makes it upto the 
> top and if no one else has done anything I'll take drivers seat on that 
> project.

That scales very well !

>> >  I'd like to see what analytics were used in reaching that decision.
>>  I never visit the website, and I doubt many people return to the website
>>  if they know about the wiki.
> ok, so no analytics were used.

Don't give me that shit. This is dishonest. There is little to no content 
on the website that could not be transfered to the Wiki.

First of all I don't have access to any numbers, but that is irrelevant in 
this discussion because you cannot prove that the Website is so popular 
because it is a website, or because the content is compelling.

As I said earlier, the website gets more visitors because it is 
http://centos.org/, if you point that tomorrow to http://wiki.centos.org/ 
you would get the same number for the Wiki.

No analytics were used in the above statement, and I am proud of it !

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