[CentOS-docs] CentOS wiki/web changes

Wed Sep 17 15:10:45 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Dag Wieers wrote:
> How would John Doe be able to help with the website ? They can readily 
> help with the wiki today.

No they cant, there is a barrier to entry for the wiki as well ( one 
that we are working to remove, agreed). Also, if you look, there is a 
much lower barrier to entry for the news stories on the website since 
people can submit them and all a webadmin needs to do is approve them.

However, there *is* an issue, and the issue is that the website needs to 
become easier and more easy on the eyes. I belive Alain and ArtWork SIG 
will get around to looking at that at some stage.

> Why is the wiki a band-aid. A lot of projects only use a wiki and are 
> very successful in doing so.

Perhaps so, but fixing the real issues is always a better option, imho - 
then working around them.

>> the website gets a magnitude of more traffic than the wiki, so I'd say 
>> yes its a better mechanism at the moment.
> The website gets more traffic because it is called http://centos.org/ 
> and is linked everywhere, not because the content is able to deliver.

absolutely, so should there not be some effort to try and make that 
content deliver ?

> I am confident that a news-item on the wiki has more effect, than having 
> the same news-item on the website given they would both be called 
> http://centos.org/

Since we are now only talking in terms of opinion pulled out of thin 
air, I'd say not. Which is also opinion pulled out of think air.

> But that is not the point, the point is that there is nothing wrong with 
> having news-items on the wiki, just like on the website, or the 
> mailinglist, or planet centos for that matter.

There is no problem in having news items anywhere, as long as its 
maintained and its consistent and works with the user expectations 
without duplicating things.

> No, and apparently others don't want to either.
> So I guess the official position is to wait until someone does it.

Fine, I will add it to the bottom of my ToDo list, when it makes it upto 
the top and if no one else has done anything I'll take drivers seat on 
that project.

>> I'd like to see what analytics were used in reaching that decision.
> I never visit the website, and I doubt many people return to the website 
> if they know about the wiki.

ok, so no analytics were used.