[CentOS-docs] Wiki Access Request for Java How To's

Fri Apr 24 19:05:21 UTC 2009
Sean Gilligan <sean at msgilligan.com>


My name is Sean Gilligan (wikiname: SeanGilligan) and I'd like to 
contribute to the CentOS wiki.

Initially I'd like to do some documentation for Java (OpenJDK) on CentOS 
5.3.  I've used Fedora for years, but am getting tired of the 
obsolescence that keeps happening.  I'm also very excited about having 
an integrated Java that I can use for actual server deployments.  I like 
to document install processes and have been doing it on an internal 
(Fedora-hosted MoinMoin) wiki for some years now.  I'm excited about 
contributing to and benefiting from the CentOS community.

In addition to Java, I have an interest in virtualization and also 
Cobbler (https://fedorahosted.org/cobbler/) and at some point I might 
want to create a Cobbler How To (I've set Cobbler up on Fedora in the 
past, but want to move this to CentOS, as well)

To start, I'd like to add a Java section to the HowTo  page, moving the 
current Java HowTo into that section and creating a few new ones.  The 
first one I have is regarding Tomcat deployment of Grails 
(http://www.grails.org) applications.  I'd also like to contribute to a 
CentOS 5.3/OpenJDK specific Java and/or Tomcat HowTo.