[CentOS-docs] Authorship and Attribution

Sat Apr 18 03:33:42 UTC 2009
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

On Fri, 17 Apr 2009, Alan Bartlett wrote:

>> >> is not considered acceptable.  Such a statement could be arrived at
>> >> either by consensus or by edict of a benevolent dictator. :-)
>> >>
>> >> Phil

>> > Ok now that conversation is taking place about it, it is time to decide
>> > what is exactly needs to be added. Like within 30 days. I'm not being
>> > demanding. Just realistic.
>> >
>> > JohnStanley

>> +1
>>  Let's not just let this fade into the sunset like the last couple of
>>  similar discussions.
>>  Phil

> At present, Ralph is not around. He should be present and take part in
> this discussion. Does anyone know of his whereabouts and / or when he
> will be back?
> Perhaps Russ could please comment, re: Range?

Alan, Phil, John

Please step away from the keyboard this weekend.  Work on a 
stamp collection. exercise, talk without a TV or computer on 
with members of family or friends.

This is NOT Fedora and snap decision land.  This is CentOS, 
where our goal is a API upstream literal, trademark elided 
enterprise ready and enterprise lifespan product, with a 
differing approach on the updater.  We do NOT have a place in 
our core mission for pushing the bleeding edge.

I have no public knowledge as to Range's present whereabouts 
and personal circumstance, and if I had such, would not 
discuss them on a publicly archived mailing list.  I would 
consider that to be a violation of his personal privacy.  To 
the extent that he has chosen to update a limited access 
tracking mechanism which parts of the CentOS core team use, I 
would in no event discuss it.

Not all questions need an immediate answer; artificial 
deadlines will not find a friend in me.  I tried to say that 
gently earlier today as to my approach in discussing my email 
clearing goals.  I saw the negative results of 'snap' IRC and 
overnight decisions with the old fedora.us -- I will not be a 
part of repeating that error.  It does not hurt my feelings a 
bit to take a week, or a month, or a year to get to a 
correct answer, rather than to rush to error.

-- Russ herrold