[CentOS-docs] a few questions

Mon Aug 17 14:32:59 UTC 2009
lostson <lostson at lostsonsvault.org>

 I am curious about some articles I would like to contribute to the
wiki. I would like to add some articles about installing games, like UT,
Quake3 with the Urban Terror mod and Enemy territory. The question I
have is are these articles something that the group would like on the
wiki ? I know CentOS is more aimed at servers and sysadmins than home
user but there are some of us out there and was thinking these would be
a nice addition to the wiki to show that CentOS isn't just a server
distro. I would also like to tweak the nvidia driver install
instructions as well. I understand though if the gaming install docs are
not what the project is looking for, thanks.



CentOS - It's not just for servers ya know...
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