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Scott Robbins

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Sun Feb 15 16:46:22 UTC 2009

On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 04:29:43PM +0000, Merlin Lauchlan wrote:
>     Ah, good point.  In my particular case, I left Fedora on there,
>     installed grub (on the CentOS install) into the / partition, and added
>     the CentOS installation to Fedora's grub afterwards, with chainloader
>     +1.

I'm snipping a great deal of (to me) interesting stuff--we better stay
on topic before people get annoyed.  :)

>     I will have to add these additions tomorrow, but that is exactly the
>     sort of thing I meant, thao one overlooks what is obvious to the more
>     experienced, but not the newcomer.

> Cool, nice to know it was useful

Yes, it most definitely was. I  have edited the article to point out
that during the installation, the newcomer is better off putting grub
into the CentOS /boot or / partition and added that those who choose to
put it in the MBR should be experienced enough to transfer files to the
install without an Internet connection and also know how to use either
vi or nano.

I then added a brief section quickly running through booting into rescue
mode.  (I found that the askmethod was unnecessary, one just needs
noprobe and rescue.)

Once again, thanks very much for calling attention to issue.  As you
said, a newcomer would have quite possibly been stuck, accepting the
default of MBR (it was mentioned, but now has a warning icon and more
detail) and then being unable to boot the previously installed Fedora or

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