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Sun Feb 15 16:29:43 UTC 2009

> Ah, good point.  In my particular case, I left Fedora on there,
> installed grub (on the CentOS install) into the / partition, and added
> the CentOS installation to Fedora's grub afterwards, with chainloader
> +1.

Well, seems we did a similar same thing the other way round, I to left
fedora on there
but am using centos grub, not that it really matters, thanks for getting
back to me.

> I will have to add these additions tomorrow, but that is exactly the
> sort of thing I meant, thao one overlooks what is obvious to the more
> experienced, but not the newcomer.

Cool, nice to know it was useful

> Thanks so much.

Your most welcome

> > it while it works < that problem might be specific to me tho)
> Yes, it's hard to tell sometimes, The hardware on these Aspires doesn't
> seem to be the best.
> >
> >     On the other hand, if you'd like to blame Alan, I'm
> >     fine with that.  :)
> >
> >
> > I shant blame anyone for anything, I just hope this helps, as the guide
> helped
> > me after a harddrive failed on my server. Also, centos runs quite fast on
> a
> > netbook, Acer should have shrunk centos into linpus rather than F8
> Acer should have done almost anything but use Linpus, it was a really
> crippled version of Linux, but that's another things.  :)  (I wasn't
> serious about blaming, I knew you weren't trying to blame anyone--it was
> simply an attempt to be droll.)

I gathered from the smiley, don't think I took it seriously, :-p

As you know, especialy if you've tried Linpus, it's lacking many things
> that an experienced Linux user would expect, while also doing enough
> wrong to drive away the inexperienced Linux user.  It seems that most of
> the netbook manufacturers put comparitively crippled versions of Linux
> on their machines, then wondered why, (for example, in MSI Wind's case)
> there were so many returns of the Linux versions of their netbooks.

It is a real shame they make linux so crippled on netbooks, altho the
hardware isn't
the best it actually is better than my old server, (ie, much bigger
also fedora runs smooth enough so way they didn't just stick a proper linux
on there
no one knows, but is a big reason why windows might take over that market,
and that is a shame. hope Intel does something good with Moblin.
Another thought, Windows likes to make things shiny and run slowly, (but
people like it)
Linux could easily outshine windows without losing performance, yet the
linux gui always looks so old, Fedora is getting closer but when looking at
gnome-look and see the designs
it baffles me fedora or centos doesn't have something a bit more funky.

>> wiki stuff:
One last thing, I'm going to see if the Acerfand works in centos, and some
of the other stuff discribed in this guide for fedora:
will let you know what does and doesn't work, it could save on overhead, and
make a very quite server.

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> Spike: I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a good reason. As
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I love Buffy to, Season 6 where Willow goes bonkers is definitely my
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