[CentOS-docs] I want to contribute to the wiki

morenisco at cdsl.cl

morenisco at cdsl.cl
Mon Feb 16 16:31:30 UTC 2009

Ralph Angenendt wrote:


>> > I hope you'll put some "real" content on there too :)
>> What do you mean? The content there is not real?
> It is a wiki, not a store for links to documents on another page.

Wonderful, I can paste 20 pages there, do you prefer that?

>>> One thing - the wiki is CC licensed, so you probably have to relicense
>>> your content.
>> Ohh shii...is not possible to keep a document with GFDL into a web site
>> with CC?
> I do not know offhand (but I don't think those two are compatible).

Well Ralph, anyway, If I paste the 20 pages on the wiki, I will have the
problem with the licence. I want to be free to licence my documentation
with GFDL or another that could be enought free for me. And put pressure
for just one licence to use is not something that you could consider a
free act.

Then, could we consider include the GFDL in the wiki (there could be a
message "This wiki is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-Share
Alike 3.0 Unported License or GFDL if specified?"), and I can paste the
content into the wiki?



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