[CentOS-docs] Getting rid of the How_Do_I_Become_a_CentOS_developer page

Sat Jan 3 22:51:41 UTC 2009
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>


I removed the above page before, but I saw Russ added it again. Let me 
explain why I think that page needs to die.

It offers little insight to how one can become a developer. What is a 
CentOS developer ? That's the first confusing part. The page answers the 
question with a: "show competence and things will happen"

We have a much better Contribute page that highlights ways to contribute 
to the project. And it would be better to add all sorts of TODO lists 
there (one for Artwork, one for Promo, etc...)

The mailinglist answers reflect the ideas at that time, but since we 
cannot update mails from that archive I would not point to previous 
answers on the mailinglist. (And the mailinglist links were also not 
working, but that's less relevant)

It is much better to answer questions on the mailinglist by referencing 
the Wiki, then doing the reverse...

The above page already caused some confusion in an interview about Fedora, 
where it was used to show that CentOS has no roadmap. It breaks my heart 
if content can be used in such a way and I only found out that the 
author's opinion was solemly based on that wiki page.

 	http://howsoftwareis built.com/2008/12/21/interview-with-jeroen-van-meeuwen-fedora-project-vice-president-fedora-emea/

That was a reason for me to remove it, but what I should have done is 
redirect it to the Contribute page instead.

So can we please get rid of it ?

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