[CentOS-docs] Release Note translation for CentOS 5.3

Fri Jan 23 15:30:46 UTC 2009
Ralph Angenendt <ralph at centos.org>

Hi guys,

are you all still with us on CentOS? Good ...

As you may already have seen Red Hat has released version 5.3 - and
we're busy rebuilding it.

As always we would like to have the Release Notes translated to as many
languages as possible. So if you do not see your language on 


it would be more than fantastic if you would join us in this effort.

But: This time we're going for a new artwork in the 5.3 release. This
means that the nice slides which anaconda displays during the
installation have to be redone.

So this translation round will be done in two parts.

Part 1: Redo the anaconda slides

For several languages there are already translations for the slides. If
there already is a translation, please check it for spelling or grammar

For other languages, there are no slides yet. If you want to see slides
in your language, this is your chance to translate them.

For doing that you need an inkscape install on your machine and an
account at <https://projects.centos.org/trac/artwork/> (which also can
be used for accessing other projects on there).

There is a HowTo on translating and rendering slides at


which should cover all of the process.

If you have any questions regarding that, feel free to contact me.

The slides have to be done next Thursday (29th of January), so please
translate those first.

I will do the german translation for those slides, so that I also am
getting used to the process - I have to be able to answer your questions
anyway =:)

Part 2: Translate the Release Notes

After that it is the release Notes which can be found at 


There isn't much there yet, as we are still busy doing QA for the
release. Again: If the old release notes for 5.2 (see above) aren't
there in your language, but you want to help us, then please register an
account at <http://wiki.centos.org/> (preferrably FirstnameLastname,
like JoeDoe if Joe Doe is your name) and mail me that account name. I
will then give you permissions to write there.

"Language list" moderators: Please look for translators on "your" list
if you cannot do the translations yourself.

Thank you all in advance for participating (and a big round of thanks to
those who supported us during the last releases).

And again: If you want to see those slides and the Release Notes in your
language - please help us!

For the CentOS Team,

Ralph Angenendt

PS: There will be a part 3 when the Live CD comes out, but I'll send out
    separate mail for that.
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