[CentOS-docs] Greetings!

Wed Jul 15 19:32:50 UTC 2009
Peter Membrey <pmembrey at naniteservices.co.uk>

Hi guys,

I've been a CentOS user for a few years and I've been using Red Hat
related distributions prior to that since about RH 5.2.  I really like
RHEL but I found that for the majority of the things I wanted to do
personally, CentOS was a much better fit for my needs.

There was of course a lot of books covering RHEL, but very little that
talked about CentOS. Although they are very similar, to the point
where much of the content is interchangeable, I really wanted to put
something together that was completely CentOS and not just another
RHEL or Fedora book with a sub-title. I started work on the Definitive
Guide to CentOS late last year and with a great deal of help from
members of the CentOS team (especially Tim and Ralph who contributed
whole chapters) we have managed to make this a reality!

I'm hoping that this book will be the first of many :-)

I would like to start contributing more directly to the project and
I'm looking for topics to contribute to the wiki. In the mean time, I
would like to update my profile and so if someone with the appropriate
access rights could give me permission to update /PeterMembrey, that
would be awesome :-)

Kindest Regards,

Peter Membrey