[CentOS-docs] Proposal for standardized mugshots

Mon Jun 1 07:02:17 UTC 2009
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Dear Dag,

> The first issue of the newsletter is being finalized to be released on
> Tuesday. For this we wanted to personalize the content a bit (and also
> credit contributions) by adding mugshots when we report about people
> and/or get contributed content.
> To facilitate this, we need a standard to refer to these mugshots and for
> this I'd like to propose the following convention for everyone who wants
> his mugshot to be used:
>        DagWieers/DagWieers96.png
> This mugshot then would be used also from the Team's page:
>        http://wiki.centos.org/Team
> as well as on your personal homepage, eg.
>        http://wiki.centos.org/DagWieers
> It would be great if people can already provide this mugshot so that I
> don't have to harass people when I need/want them ;-) If you don't want a
> mugshot, please add a blank/black image with the same name or provide an
> alternative, that helps to understand your wish.
> Also if you could take the time to update your profile on the Team page
> (the minimum overview information leading you into your personal homepage)
> then that would be appreciated too.
> People interested in helping with the Newsletter can get early Newsletter
> access too. We are still looking for people to manage certain sections,
> lots of information is already available at:

I am willed to help out and contribute some content to upcoming
newsletters as editor (maybe something like a 'featured wiki article',
describing the essence of a wiki page).

Should I just add myself to the team page or is it you who is
responsible for this?

Best Regards